Friday, April 2, 2010

My "Dad's" Garden

If you know my parents, you know that they are EXPERT gardeners.  I, on the other hand, have a tendency to kill every plant in my home.  That's generally why I like to stick to non-living hobbies like sewing. :)  But this year I wanted to attempt my first garden since we just bought a new home.

I asked my parents to come over and "help" me start a garden.  From my previous post you know that there were a lot of plants that were around the house already.  So yesterday, my dad came over and transplanted a chunk of them to another area so I could have my first vegetable garden.

I told him that I wanted a square foot garden (raised bed) but he kept arguing with me.  He said, "Why waste good soil and spend money on raised bed?  Just go buy vegetables at store instead of waste money!  This year appa (dad) do for you! Next year you try your way!"  So, I ended up with a row garden instead of a raised bed garden.  How could I argue with him?  He's a 65 year old man who's had 40 some years of experience in gardening. :)  But what he DOESN'T know is that I'm going to do my own raised bed on the side and see which veggies grow better and had less work. :)

Here it is!

My row garden... boo

He left half of the garden as a flower bed since they were already planted there.  My mom laid bricks in between to keep them separate.  I know, I'm spoiled... my parents did everything and brought us lunch. :)

This was the only thing I did.. label my garden.

I have 3 rows of spinach, 1 swiss chard, 3 lettuce, 2 rapini, 2 carrots and 1 broccoli. 

As for the flowers that used to be there, they were transported to the side of my yard with lovely brick in front of them.  Elizabeth moved the bricks... gotta put them to work early on!

So far so good.. even though I haven't done anything yet. :)  I'll write more when I make MY garden. :)  Does anyone read this blog? haha


  1. lookin' good alice! hopefully the green thumb is hereditary!

  2. I do!! KEEP POSTING, ALICE! :)