Friday, April 9, 2010


I love little hair accessories.. but they can be sooo expensive for something so little?  You know?  I hate to spend money on things that you can easily make at home.

Yesterday the kids were napping and I decided to pull out my college "craft" box (you know.. the ones you had all your fabrics and felts that you used to make album covers and small group notes with? CFCers remember that?).  I forgot how much JUNK I had in that box but also found a bunch of felt, and embroidery threads!

Here was my 15 minute project of the day!

My materials... 

I cut two pieces of felt that surrounded the barrette with a little sewing allowance.  (The left one has a slit for the clip part)

Slip the clip through the slit.

Thread the thread through the bottom of the top piece of felt, through the whole in the flower, through the bead and then back down.

Stitch around!

The backside.

On my crazy model. :)

She's watching tv here..

Close up with her crazy hair.

What's awesome about this project was that it cost me nothing! I had all the materials in the house and I did it while Auggie was taking a nap is so little time.  :)  People always ask me where I have time to do these projects, but I find the quickest projects so that I can do it during nap time and feel like I've accomplished something.  I can't do what other people do and sew for hours and hours without feeling like it's pointless.  I need a quick fix. haha

The bead actually came from a necklace that I bought Elizabeth. She decided to cut it that morning and there were like 30 beads all over the kitchen floor.  So instead of getting mad, I tried to make the best of it and thought of what I could make with the bead. (Though it's only one bead). :)  This was also the same day I found her cutting her hair on the kitchen floor.. oh the joys of motherhood.

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  1. alice, your blog is so therapeutic. crafting is your middle name!