Thursday, June 14, 2012

Infinity dress (AKA: 100 different way dress)

A few weeks ago we decided to hit the outlet malls and came across a little kiosk that was selling these 100 way dresses.  There were ladies standing there pulling people aside to have them try it on and as I was watching with my daughter, I was really drawn in by the way it looked!  Beautiful fabrics and very cute styles you could turn this dress into.  Anyway... my daughter starts begging me to buy one for her (yes, she's only 6 and it's already begun).  I started to look at the fabric and realize that it's the simplest little thing that I could probably make at home.  So I decide to forego the $80 that they were charging (can you believe it?!!!) and try to make it myself.

E and I went to the fabric store and I said she could pick any 2 fabrics for her dress.  This is what she picks..

Haha.. tell me these fabrics don't remind you of Blanche Deverou from Golden Girls?  I kept trying to convince her that there were other fabrics.. but nope.. she was smitten with these. :)  So I reluctantly agreed and took the fabric home (oh by the way cost less than $10).  So here's what I came up with.

It's basically a half circle with a waistband and two layers.. How simple is that!  Now it did take a bit of calculations to figure out the whole circumference of a circle divided by 6.(something or other) to find the radius, etc.. but other than a little math, it was a very easy project and didn't take long at all!

Here's a closeup of the binding.  Because there was a slight stretch to the fabric, I used a stretch stitch to bind the waistband to the main body.

My husbands first words in reaction to me was, "What is it?" haha. After I told him, he said, "Oh.. ok.. E is going to be so excited when she sees it!"  I almost want to wake up her to try it on, but I will be a good mom and let her sleep.  Until tomorrow baby... it will be like Christmas morning.

Edit: So I showed E the dress this morning and she went crazy over it.  I'm telling you mamas... if you can sew, you DEFINITELY have to make one of these for your little girls!  Here's a few pictures of the different ways you can wear it.

The one shoulder

I don't know what to call this.. 
But here's the back of it.. maybe the criss cross?

The wrap
I have no more caption ideas, but you get the jist. :)
Basic Skirt
Different kind of skirt

She's such a ham.. haha. By the end she was getting tired of me taking pictures so I had to stop.  Anyway, hope you like it!  Go and make one now! :)


  1. infinity wrap dress for girls?
    So genius.
    and I can't believe you made your own!
    I wonder if I could make one my size.. hmm..

    Love E's expression on the last pic btw, haha!!

  2. Hi,

    Loved the dress. Can you let me know a few details. Sorry but I am a newbie at sewing. How much fabric did you use. Can you let me know the measurements, you daughter looks around the same age as mine. The waistband width?

    You cut in a semicircular piece of cloth and sew it in two layers one below the other with a one-color waistband, ie the lower cloth, and then tie it in different ways. Is this correct? Do the ties, knots, remain tied since they are kids they will be playing around a lot.

    How come in the last pic of skirt, I see the lighter one at the waistband? Sorry for so many questions but I liked this dress a lot and would like to make one for my daughter irrespective of the fact that I am a novice.