Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Elizabeth turned 4!

Elizabeth had her very first "friend" birthday party.  Long past are the days when her birthday was used to invite MY friends over and their kids. :)  Sad... Elizabeth made her guest list and decided to have a princess tea party.  What was really sad was that a lot of my close friends only have BOYS!!!! Where are the girls??? :)  So she invited her cousins, a few friends from church and a handful of preschool friends.  They were so cute!

The theme was princesses and they used real china, from my mom, and had their first tea party. :)

Cinderella came to the door..
Here I am trying to make her cake.. My first attempt at decorating.. it's supposed to be a castle. :)

Hot Dog crescents and pb&j rolls.. some of her favorite foods.

The decor..

With the teacups!

The goody bags were mesh bags that I folded into little skirts.. filled with jewelry, nailpolish, candy, etc.

Another food area... some food for the moms... biscotti's, camembert cheese, etc.

The cake is almost done here.. Can you tell it's supposed to be a castle?

The first craft of the day.. making your own wands

Elizabeth and Naomi.. Elizabeth's dress is a bit scandalous.

First game.. Find Cinderella's lost shoe!  Prize was ring pops because after Cinderella's shoe is found, they get married! :)

Tea party time!  Here is Nutella/Banana Rounds and Chocolate wafers. :)

My dainty princess

Cutie Reaggie

Eden's a big girl!

Lydia's thinking about what she wants to eat, but Audrey's digging in!

Elizabeth eating an oreo ball with her dainty fingers

Some food.. lemon cookies, fruit/creme in chocolate cups, strawberry piroettes, hotdog crescents, pbj rolls, oreo balls and more!!

Look at how precious Audrey is! What a young lady!

Second craft.. making candy necklaces... as if they weren't sugared enough. We had another game but didn't take pictures.. it was to put together princess puzzles pieces that they had to find around the house.  The prize was princess crowns!

Cake time! Ava's enjoying her ringpop. :)

Look at these cuties!

Some of Elizabeth's cousin's and school friends. :)

Oh ee-ah.. so cute!  Auggie's staring in the background.

The kids were so good!  After the party I just crashed. hahah. I love throwing little parties like this for my baby girl, but it definitely wears me down.  Good thing birthdays only come once a year. Auggie's just going to get hotdogs in the backyard. hahah  Happy Birthday baby girl!  Mommy loves you!


  1. Happy birthday Elizabeth! You did a wonderful job Alice! I can't believe all the girls had princess dresses. so cute!

  2. cute!! you should submit these pics to

  3. CUTE!! I want a little girl and throw princess parties. He doesn't get still that they are only for girls.. maybe I should have thrown a princess party instead this year. haha! I love her dainty fingers. =) Cute, cute. Oh... and that is why I am going to try as long as I can to do bday parties every other year (rotate the kids). We'll see how that goes.

  4. How cute! I can't believe how quickly she's growing up!

  5. man, so cute. so sad we missed out.