Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Hoduk Adventure

I love to cook... well.. actually... I hate to cook regular meals, but I love to cook the random stuff. Party foods, desserts, new recipes, etc. Yesterday I was in the mood to make Hoduk.. a korean snack-like food that you can buy on the streets of Korea. My parents used to always give this to us for a quick breakfast before school. Who knew it was so easy to make! Thanks to "Just the little things" for the recipe!

 Sorry, I don't know how to rotate the image.. haha. I used Rhodes White Dinner Rolls to start...
I laid out the dough in pans to give them enough room to rise.

Here is the dough after 2 hrs (1-2 hrs to go)..

Filling the dough with brown sugar.. some were filled with Red Bean! Yum!

Pinched in four sides.
Closing up the dough balls.

Flattening out the dough balls on the fry pan.
Beautifully flat.

Flipped over, nicely browned.

Finished Hoduk! Ready to eat!
After we made these, about 24, we ate like half of them while they were still hot. :)  Elizabeth ate 3 herself... hahah. The rest we froze so we could eat for breakfast anytime we want. Just pop it in the toaster/toaster oven and you're good to go!  My mom and grandma like the "Paht" version better than the brown sugar.  I think I like the sugar one because it's syrupy. :)


  1. I love hodduk! I always bought the kit at the korean market, but this seems so much more economical=)

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  3. pure awesomeness, alice!
    i've used pilsbury rolls dough for steamed paht bbangs before they work great as well. i'll be sure to try this hoduk version! thanks!

  4. girl! you are such an inspiration! i love that you are always so industrious and productive. i'm totally bookmarking this post.

    thank you too so much for your kind and encouraging note.i still haven't found the right balance yet, but it's a humbling reminder that the boys belong to the Lord in the first place, and I am trusting them with Him every minute I can't be with them.

  5. Looks awesome, Al. I had some Hoduk in LA, and this definitely piques my interest. Good luck in maintaining your blog, haha. It can be a little taxing at times. :)