Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesus was a carpenter...

After I started getting into sewing, I became obsessed by DIY projects, shows and websites.  There were so many creations just waiting to be made... baby clothes, blankets, slip covers, curtains.... I couldn't believe how many things you could make just by learning how to sew a straight stitch!

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could learn how to work with wood?  You could make your own bookcases, furniture, even toys for the kids.  I watch all those shows on HGTV and see how they build things for pennies and dream about one day being a carpenter.. (a really cool feminine one, not butch).  But of course, I'm scared to death of power tools!  :)  So whenever there is a project that requires them, I ask my big strong hubby to do them.  Sadly he has many projects of his own and he gets annoyed by my nagging him to do project after project.

SO... on Saturday I decided it would be my first attempt at building something... a raised garden bed (MY garden bed.. not my dad's garden in my yard) :)  I went to Menards and bought my wood.  I had no idea where to go and was walking around trying to look distraught so some merciful man would come and help me.  An older gentlemen came to my rescue and directed me where to go.  I bought the wood and used my "artful" ways to get them to cut them to the appropriate lengths... power saw will have to come after power drill. :)  Being careful not to get splinters, I loaded it into my car and drove home.  I'm such a girl..

I started to put my boxes together but couldn't get the screws to go in!  After many attempts and many holes drilled, I called upon my big strong hubby to help me.  He just shook his head and told me I was doing it wrong and helped me put together the first box. BOO me.
 Here is the box Hubby put together in 5 minutes after I worked on it for an hour.

Here are the many nails I "stripped" while attempting to learn how to use a power drill.

After hubby showed me how to do it the right way, the second box was so much better!  I am proud to say I did it all by myself too!!!

Many would ask.. where were the kids?? Here.. checking the mail.

Reaching for more..

... and riding Auggie's bike with her mismatched shoes.

I think I understand why Jesus was a carpenter.  It's so rewarding to see what your two hands can create!  Granted, all I put together were 4 little wood boards, but I MADE something. :)  One day I will learn how to use a saw and put up some crown molding in our house.. but one step at a time.  I can proudly say that I can now use a hammer and nails and I know how to use a power drill to drill holes and put in screws.  But that's about it.  Thanks for reading.  Hope you're entertained a little.


  1. Those shows make it look so effortless, but at least you had all of the tools!
    So weird... I just read about this post on a different blog about a raised garden box! http://dandeedesigns.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-build-raised-garden-box.html

  2. i SOOO wish i was there building those boxes with you! we're still shopping...

  3. You're so funny! Good job... proud of you. I really like Elizabeth with bangs. She looks so mature and yet cute at the same time. =)