Friday, August 28, 2009

Toddler Apron

Elizabeth and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to fulfill a last minute order for a nursing cover.  She insisted on buying some material because I was buying material.  She chose this pink Hello Kitty fabric so I decided to make it into an apron... (inspired by Karis's Apron).  I HATE using patterns if I don't have to... mainly because I'm lazy to trace, pin and cut.  So I just measured her chest, waist and length and cut a basic shape.  It took about 40 minutes.  Here's the result!

Cut out the fabric.
Finished Apron!

Top Straps and my first attempt at attaching a button by machine!

My proud model. :)

Sorry a bit blurry.

Back of the neck.

Waist Tie.

She requested a pocket where she could put her paper in.
This blogging thing is fun.. :)  Until next time!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spooky Child

*For Eling because she reads my blog :)*

Elizabeth has this habit of waking up in the middle of the night and hopping into our bed.  We often find her lying between us in the morning naked because she's too hot to wear pajamas.  We actually don't know what time she usually comes to our bed because we're knocked out!

The other night I was up late reading a book on square foot gardening (yes, I know, random).  It was around midnight that I heard a strange noise upstairs.  I looked at the baby monitor... Auggie.. sleeping... Elizabeth... gone!  I waited a little to see if she would come downstairs, but nothing.  After about 5 minutes, I decided to go check on her.

As I was walking up our dark stairway I felt a little eerie like someone was watching me.  About 3 steps shy of the top, I felt really creeped out.  I reached to the side without continuing up the stairs and turned on the light to find Elizabeth sitting at the top of the stairs with her eyes closed and sucking on her fingers.  I screamed from the shock and scared her half to death.

She started bawling as I was cracking up because she scared me.  I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I did something bad."  I asked her what she did and she said, "I scared mommy." hahahah

Elizabeth's spooky face. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Hoduk Adventure

I love to cook... well.. actually... I hate to cook regular meals, but I love to cook the random stuff. Party foods, desserts, new recipes, etc. Yesterday I was in the mood to make Hoduk.. a korean snack-like food that you can buy on the streets of Korea. My parents used to always give this to us for a quick breakfast before school. Who knew it was so easy to make! Thanks to "Just the little things" for the recipe!

 Sorry, I don't know how to rotate the image.. haha. I used Rhodes White Dinner Rolls to start...
I laid out the dough in pans to give them enough room to rise.

Here is the dough after 2 hrs (1-2 hrs to go)..

Filling the dough with brown sugar.. some were filled with Red Bean! Yum!

Pinched in four sides.
Closing up the dough balls.

Flattening out the dough balls on the fry pan.
Beautifully flat.

Flipped over, nicely browned.

Finished Hoduk! Ready to eat!
After we made these, about 24, we ate like half of them while they were still hot. :)  Elizabeth ate 3 herself... hahah. The rest we froze so we could eat for breakfast anytime we want. Just pop it in the toaster/toaster oven and you're good to go!  My mom and grandma like the "Paht" version better than the brown sugar.  I think I like the sugar one because it's syrupy. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who is MamaSlice?

Hello everyone.. or anyone.. I don't think anyone knows that I have this right now since I just decided today to make a blog. But regardless, I thought I'd write my first entry on who mamaslice is.

Back in junior high school our youth group decided to do a little activity where all of us wrote our names at the top of a sheet of paper and passed it around the circle. Each person was then supposed to write something nice about that person and at the end everyone would read out loud all the nice things that people think of them.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I was in this phase of trying out different signatures (for the day that I'd have to sign a drivers license... mind you I'm only 11 or 12). I wrote my name, Alice, with a cursive-like capital "A" at the top of the sheet. As it went around the circle, one of the boys screamed, "Who is Slice?" Thus came about my nickname in our youth group... Slice.

When my little sister, who is 2 years younger than me, came into youth group, people were trying to come up with a nickname for her as well... yes, we were really dorks. If you know my sister, you know that growing up we looked like identical twins. So of course her nickname became "slice junior".

Over the course of years, all my screen names, IM id, school id, etc. had some variation of "slice" in it. I can't remember if I dubbed myself "Mama Slice" or someone else did to tell you the truth. I remember someone in high school calling me that, but who knows what came first.. the chicken or the egg. Anyway... that's where "mama slice" came from. I used to put it together in one word like "mamaslice", but then I always thought people would think my nickname was "mamas lice". :)

So that, in a nutshell, is where I got the name for my blog. A slice of randomness is truly who I have become the past few years. I have this really bad habit of jumping from one project to the next. I have an obsessive tendency to learn everything there is to know about anything that grabs my attention. So this blog will truly be the randomest blog in the world. :) Thanks for reading!