Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Terry Cloth Clothes

After having baby E, I can't imagine taking all three kids to the pool this summer.  The thought of undressing them all, washing the chlorine off, then drying and dressing them again is unsettling to me.  That's a lot of work!  So I thought what if I could at least cut out one step by just drying/dressing all at once without carrying multiple articles of clothing.  I think that would help a little right? :)  So here's what I came up with..

Terry Cloth Clothes! :)  Ignore the stained dress.. jajang myun explosion.

I bought 2 cheap terry cloth towels from walmart for $1.95 each.  Shirring the top, added elastic straps and voila!  She wouldn't take it off all day!  The idea came from Dana's Beach Towel Dress.

A's outfit is just a one piece jumper from a green terry cloth towel.  I put an existing shirt and pant on top of the towel, cut out a pattern and then bound the raw edges with some biased tape I had.  Of course for ease the straps are velcroed at the top. :)
Something about this outfit reminds me of the sound of music when she made clothes out of the curtains. haha


  1. adorable Alice! I can't believe you have the time to still craft and sew like this. Go you! And yes, A's jumper reminds me of the Sound of Music... he needs a hat with a feather in it! :)

  2. Super cute, I am totally going to try the jumper! Great Idea, thank you for sharing!