Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ninjago Cookies

Had a request for Ninjago cookies.. Had NO idea who in the world was Ninjago and had to google it.  :)  Apparently it's this little ninja like fellow that's a cartoon/lego.  Very cute.  I think boy parties are so hard to think of themes, but this looks like such an awesome idea I had to do it!  I don't own a kopykake or projector that a lot of cookie decorators do, so I had to make due with drawing everything by hand..

I also had to cut these bad boys by hand too.  Cute right?  Looks like R2D2. :)

I thought they turned out pretty good considering I am really not an artist, and I had to freehand them!

His name is Kai.. looks kind of scary to me with those robot like hands. hehe

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