Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Has it truly been years?? Starting fresh with essential oils- vetiver, cedarwood, lavender

How has the time gone by so fast.. 2012 was my last post. Life got chaotic.. another child, another job, a new house, etc. CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS.

I want to write a series of posts for myself.. to keep track of #2 progress on essential oils. I know.. this blog is absolutely random. That's me.. random.

#2, AKA "A" is a very hyperactive crazy kid. He's super loving and a big hugger but also unfocused and often times out of control.  Heard some great things about essential oils and specifically vetiver, cedarwood and lavender on adhd kids and hyperactivity.  So here goes...

Day 1-5:  Vetiver was applied "neat" to the big toes and occasionally to the back of the neck (only occasionally because it's a strong smell so I only did it when home).

On Day 2 I started using a diffuser at night to see if it would help.  Thus far.. no change and no significant difference in his day to day life.

Day 6: Heard about layering.. will try vetiver to the big toes then layer cedarwood first.. will see how this goes.

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