Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 6 Essential Oil Combo may be the trick

I was pretty disappointed that the Vetiver alone didn't do it for "A" in the first 5 days.  End of day 6 (which was yesterday) we did a layer.. vetiver then cedarwood then lavender... all on the big toes and some on the back of the neck and then had his smell it from my palms.  At night I put our usual vetiver in a diffuser.

Crazy thing happened... usually "A" takes quite a bit to fall asleep and tosses and turns for about 30 minutes.  This night, 4 minutes flat.. sleeping! CRAZY! I thought it must be a fluke.  This morning of day 7 he was still his usual self, but much easier to get ready for school and out the door! Could this be it? The combo?? 

Day 7, evening, did it again.. layered them one by one on the toes and around the neck.  Instead I put cedarwood and lavender in the diffuser tonight.  Again, out very very quickly! Let's see what tomorrow holds.. I'm getting excited! :)

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