Monday, June 11, 2012

The Mad Hatter

Now speaking of old halloween costumes... I don't think I ever posted about the Mad Hatter costume A was dressed as in 2010.  E was Alice in Wonderland and A was the Mad Hatter.  Since there are only so many years that these kiddies will allow me to make them match, I had to take advantage before they started to have major opinions. :)

A was such a good sport!  He really loved the hat and the kids still play with it to this day!  Here are some of the spiffy pieces.

 Pants made from DANA which I have made a bajillion times now.  Vest was a makeshift from some measurements I took (notice the ghetto fabulous buttons... yes, that's permanent marker folks.. ).  Of course the hat that makes the outfit made with poster board, a hanger and some fabric.

My sweet Alice and her Mad Hatter friend.

The jacket was also a makeshift from some remnant fabric that I just pieced together.. The funny thing is that A never got to wear the pants out!  Right as we got to our Halloween party he spilled chocolate milk all over  himself! Luckily it was only on the pants and I had an extra pair in the car.. but they never fulfilled their lifelong dream of being worn out (pun intended). :)

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