Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Angel, a Crayon and a Wiggle

Such a retroactive post, but I thought I'd start blogging again! :)  There are so many projects that I never posted about, that I thought I'd go back through some old crafts in the past year (possibly year-ssss).  Here are the kids on Halloween this past year.  Big E was an angel made from an old flower girl dress that was donated to us by my friend's mom's dry cleaners. haha.  Someone left an old flower girl dress that looked like it was from 20 years ago and so I made some sleeves from tulle, got a $1 halo from the dollar store and whipped up some wings using 2 hangers and some $1 pantyhose... gotta love the dollar store!

She was walking in a parade and decided to put on whiskers.. haha.  She's the creative one. :)  Now baby E was a makeshift crayon from a large bolt of orange felt that I had at home.  Don't ask why, but I had like 8 yards of orange felt for some reason so I just made a little bunting outfit for him with velcro on the back.  Too bad he stayed in it for about 10 seconds to take the picture then proceeded to cry until I took it off.  All that labor for 10 seconds.. worth it?  You decide. :)

You can also see A in his Murray Wiggle Costume.  Yes, that is Murray Wiggle.  We tried so hard to get him to be something else.. but that is ALL he wanted!  Lucily this was the easiest costume of all.  A little logo printed on printable inkjet paper and I appliqued it on and a little felt belt with the same logo.  The hubs stayed up to make a matching guitar for him and he was thrilled!

But he was NOT thrilled to take this picture at a pumpkin fest.  He had just about had it until he saw the balloon pit...

He refound his purpose in life..  :) Love that crazy boy with that crazy hair. :)

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