Friday, August 28, 2009

Toddler Apron

Elizabeth and I went to Hobby Lobby the other day to fulfill a last minute order for a nursing cover.  She insisted on buying some material because I was buying material.  She chose this pink Hello Kitty fabric so I decided to make it into an apron... (inspired by Karis's Apron).  I HATE using patterns if I don't have to... mainly because I'm lazy to trace, pin and cut.  So I just measured her chest, waist and length and cut a basic shape.  It took about 40 minutes.  Here's the result!

Cut out the fabric.
Finished Apron!

Top Straps and my first attempt at attaching a button by machine!

My proud model. :)

Sorry a bit blurry.

Back of the neck.

Waist Tie.

She requested a pocket where she could put her paper in.
This blogging thing is fun.. :)  Until next time!


  1. that's adorable! i totally want to make one for my kids too but i would need a pattern!! :)

  2. you're seriously super mom. I love that apron and it's so cute on elizabeth!

  3. CUTE! Did you use the fabric turner for the straps? heehee

  4. Oohlala! Very nice, Alice!!!! I bet she LOVES it!!!! :) You're so fast!

  5. I did use the fabric turner. :) But I had some trouble with it.. I'll have you ask you next time Carol.

    Julie.. It's literally a rectangle.. then if you look at the pics closely, the neck straps are the pieces that were cut for the arm holes. :) I literally wasted nothing!

  6. You're SO good, Alice! And Elizabeth is super adorable. I loooved the video you posted of her w/ the breast pump. Hahaha... Kyu and I were dying from her cuteness.