Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mid-season garden

Hello all!  I lost my camera a month ago, but I just found it yesterday!  I actually thought it was stolen along with my bag, but discovered it was tucked away behind a stroller that was leaning against the wall!  What a good day it was!

Ok.. on to my garden.  Here it is!

So I'll try not to bore you with a million pictures of all that's growing.. but just post a few.  I made (2) square foot gardens this year as my test garden.  I made the back trellis using electrical conduit and rebar! :)  I'm training the tomato plants, green beans and sugar snap peas up the trellis instead of caging or staking them.  So far so good!

Beefsteak tomatoes are growing well!

I went a little crazy on the pruning with this one, but the fruit branches are pleniful!  Yellow cherry tomatoes.  I also have the regular cherry tomatoes growing and a roma tomato plant (which I didn't know was a bush plant, so we'll see how that one goes!)

Banana Peppers growing well!  What do I do with these after I harvest them?  I don't even know how to use them!  I've only ever seen them on pizza, but thought it was a pretty cute plant. :)  Any suggestions?

These are sugar snap peas.. a test group.  Sadly they are not doing too well.  I've harvest like 4 pea pods and ate them with the family.  They were delicious!! So much better than the grocery store!  Next year I will be sure to plant several of them.. maybe even multiple square feet.

The two blueberry bushes that have no fruit because an animal came and ate them all.  Aren't they cute though? I might relocate them for next year.

Zucchini and Squash flourishing!  I think it's actually not enough space for them to co-exist, but it was an experiment to see if the existing soil was any good.  Guess it's good!

My pretty strawberries are finally growing!

Love it!

If you look at my first picture of the garden, all the GIGANTIC leaves in front are my broccoli leaves.  They are HUGE!!!!  Just now though the buds are forming.  Can you see it wrapped in a few tiny leaves?  

Can you see the tiny green bean growing? Isn't it cute?

Lastly, some of you have asked how my dad's garden, in my backyard, is going.  Sad to say, this is it... hahah. The ONLY thing growing is the swiss chard.  Which I won't eat because I'm freaked out that nothing else is growing.  Making me thing that there is something wrong with the soil.  My dad concluded that it was either bad soil.. which he doubts.. or possibly that the seeds drowned in the first few weeks.  We discovered that there was a spout from the house that was above this garden and would POUR water right over this area.  You can see the gutter in the back that we place so that the water would be rerouted elsewhere.  Since then, the swiss chard decided to make an appearance.

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