Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Dress

Here is one of the many projects I'm always working on.  It was actually very fast!  I used a pattern that I bought years ago but never got around to.  Here is the finished dress... my first completed clothes project. :)  There's supposed to  be ribbon around the waist and flounce but I got lazy...

Elizabeth's dress!

Back of the dress

With the bow tied

Inner lining

My first zipper

Crazy looking Elizabeth posing

She turned and said, "Take a picture of the back!"

Practicing her ballet

Twirling to show the fullness of the skirt

She's starting to look chubby..
Next project is Auggie's shirts.. hm.. we'll see if I can get that done before Joshua and Sammy's birthday party next weekend... so many crafts, so little time!


  1. So talented Alice! I Don't have the patience or the skillt to make anything! Your kids are blessed! - Virginia

  2. that is a lovely dress. can you make one for me? seriously!

    she is starting to look chubby?

    i think the choi genes are very strong here. she looks more and more like julie.


  3. Ooh.... very pretty!!! Love it! She is one lucky girl to have a mommy who can make pretty dresses for her. I guess that is why I only have boys. =)

  4. This is so lovely Alice! Is she going to wear it for Easter? Can you start offering some sewing classes? :)


  5. Thanks gals! Elizabeth wore it for church this Sunday and has been wearing it everyday since. :)

    Oh Cindy.. you do NOT want to take a sewing class from me.. I need to TAKE a sewing class. I thought about signing up for an "industrial sewing" class at Harper so that I could take their draping class in the fall.. but I might just take a sewing assessment test and see if I can just skip it and go right into pattern making and draping! But it's a lot of moolah.. so I might have to convince Eddie first. :)